Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Values, Influences, Peers

Last week, the grade 6 students began the Values, Influences, Peers (VIP) program offered by the Barrie City Police. This program is designed to educate the students on topics such as drugs, cyber bullying, alcohol and smoking and the legal consequences associated with these issues.  Each week, Officer Colin and Officer Jackie teach the students about one of these topics, using videos, handouts and stories from their profession to help students understand the topics and make good decisions. Questions are always welcomed and answered in an honest, age-appropriate manner. We are fortunate that they are willing to share their expertise and experience with us.


So why Grade 6??  At 11 years of age, students in grade 6 are approaching the legal age of 12 when they can officially be arrested and charged under the Young Offenders Act. Thankfully, for most students, this will never be a real concern!  However, students in grade 6 are becoming more independent and are approaching the age when they will be faced with some tough choices without a trusted adult at their side.  The health curriculum focuses on teaching students how to make healthy decisions and VIP complements these expectations. Finally, it is a great opportunity for the students to interact with police officers in a friendly, safe environment. It allows the students to view police officers as trusted adults in their community; people they would willingly approach for assistance. 

We are thankful that the Barrie Police are able to partner with us at Terry Fox ES in this way and look forward to the next month of learning together.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Terry Fox Run

Do you know why I put this picture here? This is the biggest roller coaster in the world. Would you ride this? It would take a lot of courage. Well, Terry Fox had even more courage. He almost ran across Canada. He probably thought people were never going to donate or know about him and what he was trying to do. Terry Fox ran from his home town Vancouver to Thunder Bay. He died on September 1, 1980. Terry Fox ran the Marathon of Hope (he ran for cancer).
Now would you ride this? Terry Fox did something a whole lot better. We should participate in the Terry Fox run because we are carrying on the Marathon of Hope and we are also carrying on Terry Fox´s dream. So run, run until your feet fall off. #Runwithyourdreams :)

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Welcome to Grade 5 and 6 at Terry Fox Elementary School.  We hope that your child has had a great start to the year.

We appreciate that we can partner with you in the education of your child and hope that this webpage will be a small way in which you can feel connected to what is happening in the classroom and the school.

School may have changed from your days as a student. However, parents continue to play a key role in a child's learning. Here are a few ways in which you can help.

1. Encourage regular attendance and punctual arrival!  Arriving late or being absent means missed lessons, conversations and activities, often around key concepts. Students often feel behind when returning after an absence, so unless your child is ill, please make sure that they are at school.

2. Communication:  Stay in touch with your child's teacher. Please look at your child's agenda daily and use it as a quick and easy way to send a note. Also feel free to call your child's teacher at school if you would like a more detailed conversation.

3. Show an interest: Talk to your child about school and what they are learning.  Of course, they may give you a short answer such as, "Nothing", but don't give up.  Try asking open questions such as, "Tell me the best thing that happened at school today".

4. Encourage a growth mindset!  Applaud your child's "failures", as it means that they are learning and taking risks. Help them to focus on learning and not simply on getting a Level 4.

Thank you for working with us to make this a great year of learning!
The Grade 5 and 6 Teachers

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Learning from a Soon-To-Be Teacher

For the past 5 weeks, our Grade 5 classroom has had an extra adult, Ms. Dawson, with us on a daily basis. Ms. Dawson is a teacher-candidate in the Lakehead University education program and will soon graduate, becoming a fully qualified teacher.

As teachers, we always welcome an extra set of hands in the classroom, but the value of having a teacher-candidate in our room goes far beyond additional physical support. Teacher-candidates bring fresh enthusiasm and individual strengths to our school. Ms. Dawson has shared her passion for the arts with our students, starting a music club and inspiring us with her love of poetry.

Ms. Dawson expresses her thoughts on the experience in this way:  
The opportunity to be a teacher candidate is extraordinary! A teacher candidate is exposed to the expertise of teachers and practical experience of working with students, while developing and shaping their own teaching style and philosophy. I had the privilege of having not only one, but two teachers to learn from, and 51 students to learn with, during my time at Terry Fox!

Working with Mrs. Kuikman and Mrs. Starr's class for five weeks has been such a rewarding experience. Over the past five weeks we have learned together about poetry, energy, the xylophone, and fractions! I especially enjoyed creating ostinato music/poem creations, the class poetry cafĂ©, and learning the song, "Can't Stop the Feeling" in the 'Music Club' that we created together. Getting to build relationships and learn about the beautiful personalities of each person in the class is something that I will treasure forever. Thank you for sharing your gifts, ideas, and time with me! 

I hope to work with each of you again in the future! J.D.

As we say goodbye to Ms. Dawson, here are some of the students' thoughts about her impact on our classroom.

Having Ms. Dawson here in room 137 & 135 has changed this classroom (in a good way). She has inspired everyone to reach for your dreams and believe in yourself. I love writing stories and poems. Ms. Dawson showed me that if I work really hard, then one day I could maybe publish some of my writing. She told me that I should keep writing and to not give that up. I have always wanted to publish something and Ms. Dawson showed me that it is possible.  We will all miss you. We hope you can come back to Terry Fox and see us again.  K.D.

Ms. Dawson is one of our teachers. We'll miss her forever. She makes us all try our hardest to do our best that we can. She teaches us poetry and taught us to rhyme and so many other things that I don't have time to name. She taught me that dreams aren't hard to reach.  W.B.

Ms. Dawson has changed me since she came. She showed me to have courage. Without her, I wouldn't have enough courage to be in the talent show. Thank you for everything! I hope you have a fun time being a teacher.  A.S.